What’s cooking?

Totally unannounced Jon Jacob walked in, he was holding a camera.
Why are you doing this?
He kept asking, over and over again.
I was evasive.

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4 Responses to “What’s cooking?”

  1. Thoroughly Good Says:

    Your evasiveness justified the pushy comment “You’re not answering the question Max,” something every journalist dreams about asking 😉

  2. Max Says:

    And in due time you will know the answer.

  3. Thoroughly Good Says:

    I sniff something to do with the forthcoming council elections?

  4. Max Says:

    Ah elections, no, I should have been canvassing instead of making pizza and watching films really if I wanted to do something about the elections.
    That’s the most effective way to win elections, the usual way.

    I don’t even mention community campaigning in the party literature, it’s for two reasons:
    – I am scared of turning people off supporting community campaigns I care about through party political association;
    – I proud myself of having a sufficient understanding of politics and local issues to be able to campaign on those merits only.

    There is of course a natural recognition from those that are involved in the campaigns I am involved with, unfortunately those that are not involved would believe that all community groups are emanations of the Labour Party, their leaflets are in fact doing all that I don’t want our leaflets to do. But hey, some people are just naturally lacking taste and I won’t fight them on that, I concede they’re much more tasteless than me.

    If nevertheless on the doorstep people asks me about me and what is my relation to the area then I do describe what I do and have done in detail, and the pizza may have a mention.

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