Meet Ingrid Chetram

Ingrid Chetram is another of the Lib Dem candidates for Lewisham Central.

I was born in Guyana, South America and moved to London when I was 24. I am now the proud mother of 3 teenage sons and work for a homeless day centre in Deptford SE8.

My experiences can colourfully embroider a tapestry like none you have probably seen before:

I have 2 severely disabled brothers, both with speech impairments and one who is profoundly deaf. Therefore I have worked quite closely with Social Services and some service commissioners around care and disabled provision. They were both living with me for ten years and recently moved into registered care.

I studied Media at Goldsmiths University, have a Diploma in Person Centred Counselling and more recently a Masters Degree in Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Addictions.

My first job was as a secondary school teacher in Guyana for 8 years, then in London I worked for the NHS for 5 years and then at various Rehabilitation Centres; keyworking or counselling those who were homeless, disadvantaged, vulnerable, dependent on alcohol and or drugs, those with mental health unwellness, offenders, ex offenders, victims and perpetrators of domestic and sexual abuse and a plehtora of other issues.” I feel that with my combined personal and work experiences and being a mother of 3 growing sons in Lewisham, I can confidently represent Lewisham Central as a Councillor, as I am aware of the variety of issues affecting local life. I really want to share my knowledge and skills in assisting my fellow residents to access as much of the services as possbile and at the same time work for better and improved facilities in our borough.


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8 Responses to “Meet Ingrid Chetram”

  1. Sue Says:

    Is James Jennings not standing any more then, or has he moved to stand in a different ward?

  2. Max Says:

    Unfortunately James is not standing this time, hopefully he’ll stand at the earliest opportunity of by-election.
    He had just moved back in the borough and got on the register one day after the deadline for eligibility. Terrible really. Even considering that he does a lot of work here, only that it’s not his main occupation, which would have entitled him to stand anyway.
    He would be such a good councillor, I really hope there’ll be a chance for him soon.

    Ingrid is brilliant too though, absolutely what we need. I’m soooo impressed by her. Hooray for Ingrid!

  3. Nina Stuart Says:

    Ingrid is by far the best Candidate. She will make a brilliant Councillor

  4. Max Says:

    I entirely agree!

  5. Karen Paul Says:

    congratson your achievements, I know you will reach for the stars.

  6. Ingrid Chetram Says:

    Thank you so much for your good wishes, I am truly touched

  7. John Says:

    With regard to the leaflet blitz currenlty being inflicted on the Ladywell ward, I would like to take this opportunity to say I will not be voting lib dem on Thursday. A vote for Ingrid Chetram is a vote for the Tories. To present yourselves otherwise is frankly disingenous. People are not mugs though.

    • Max Says:

      The Tories have their own candidate actually so if you want to support the Tories you have to vote for him.

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