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Spotted Cow consultation this Wednesday

December 8, 2009

The former Spotted Cow Pub in Hither Green Lane is a very distinctive building that has considerable historic significance for the area and the fact that it is not working anymore as a pub is to me a major concern as it makes that end of Hither Green Lane much less vital than it once was.
Anyway, it ceased trade a couple of years ago and was sold to London and Quadrant Housing Association that last year submitted a planning application for demolition and new built. This was forcefully opposed by the Hither Green Community Association and the proposal was withdrawn.

Now London and Quadrant are submitting a new proposal that promises to be sympathetic with what’s good in the local streetscape as it seeks to convert the building into residential accommodation instead of demolishing it.
The proposal is for 16 accommodations ranging from 1 to 3 bedroom flats.
I struggle to see how can 16 flats fit in that building ( without using Tardis technology) so I really look forward to see the plans tomorrow.
The proposal will be available for viewing on Wednesday 9th December 2009 between 4pm and 8pm at Hither Green Baptist Church, Theodore Road, SE13 6HT.

Update on 10th December:

I was there yesterday and had a very long conversation with one of the architects and I have to say I left rather reassured about this development. It’s much better than last years plans, it’s actually the work or a different firm of architects that in my opinion did make an effort to fit something modern in a way that works with the existing surroundings.
They had a few options that they had studied and one preferred option that they want to submit for planning consent.
This involves converting the Spotted Cow into flats and building three houses of the same height alongside Thornford Road, with gardens on the back. The new buildings will have the same width of the semi-detached houses that front the Spotted Cow on Hither Green Lane and will also have the same distance between floors as the Spotted Cow which visually will result in the same horizontal lines running across the Spotted Cow then continued in the new blocks. This also means that the new flats will have unusually high ceilings for a new development.
Each house will have one 2 bedroom flat at ground floor, 2 one bedroom flats at the first floor and another 2 bedroom flat at the top floor.

I forgot to ask about car parking that is always a burning issue but picked up the plans and on the ground floor sheet it looks like they want to have to the side of the Spotted cow one car parking space and 7 bicycle racks.

I scanned the page with 4 views of the preferred option, here it is.
One note, the plans show an underground floor to be derived by digging deeper in the cellar of the Spotted Cow, the architect told me that this idea has been abandoned so the Spotted Cow would look from the road exactly as it looks today.

I hope the architects don’t mind me posting the drawings here, I think it’s ok, they were for public viewing after all.
Here are the details of the architects should you want to comment and ask more information: