Email from Shopping Centre manager

Thank you for your recent enquiry received via the centre website.

The information point within the shopping centre over time became overwhelmed with information which was not directly connected to the shopping centre. The information point became problematic with numerous issues regarding free newspapers, non-centre literature, bus and rail timetables, theatre leaflets and with members of the public being referred to it by the local library help desk.

As a result of the shopping centre refurbishment, a new information point was built to replace the old version. It was then decided that the information point would be solely  to provide information to our shoppers and shop units.

At no stage was the shopping centre information point  deemed a community information point nor was it ever intended to be used as one.

Referring to your note taken from our website:
“Lewisham Shopping Centre is located at the heart of Lewisham and seeks to plays its part in supporting local charities and initiatives. We seek to assist by offering: Display space in the Central Square to promote your organisation or cause.”

This does not infer or is meant to infer that we provide space for literature on the information point. It purely is to inform that we can offer space within the central square area. To clarify, the statement on the website has been amended to fully explain.

We offer mall promotional space to registered charities and worthy causes: an example being the Pensioners Forum, who we give mall promotion space (free of charge) to promote and provide advice (subject to terms and conditions) of organisations.

Annually the shopping centre provides over £60,000 worth of  free mall space to charities and the local authority and is certainly a partner within the town centre.

All of the information that was once within the shopping centre can be readily found within a 3 minutes walk at Lewisham Library’s information desk.

I fully appreciate and respect your views, but to be fair and balanced in our approach, it would be unfair to accommodate your request whilst denying others the same provision.

I trust this clarifies our position, please feel free to contact me if you require further information.


Paul Redden
Centre Manager
Lewisham Shopping


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