Courthill Road correspondance with TfL #2

The following is the text of the email I sent to TfL on 16th February 2010.

Dear Gemma,

thanks for this reply.
It does raise a few questions though.

1) you say that 20 collision accidents of which 5 involving pedestrians happened in the last three years. You also say that these accidents happened on all 4 arms of the junction.
Could you please provide a breakdown of these 20 collisions divided by arm of the junction and also specifying where the accidents involving pedestrians happened?

2) You then say:
“The fact that there are queues on all the approaches to the junction during peak periods with the current traffic signal operation is a clear indication that this junction is operating at its capacity limit. To provide pedestrian signals we would need to shut the entire junction down for traffic to enable pedestrians to have a free period to cross or we would need to re-phase the traffic signals and provide wider pedestrian islands to enable pedestrians to cross all arms of the junction at different times without being opposed by vehicles. If all traffic movements were to be permitted both of these options would have a significant impact on the amount of time that traffic currently has to move through the junction.”
Have you considered the context of this junction? This junction is sited between Lewisham Centre and Catford Centre, and traffic here only flows to the next junction and it makes almost no difference if you can go past it fluently in either directions because inevitably you’ll very soon hit the next junction, and each time there are queues at Courthill Road there are also queues at the other junctions of the route in both directions.

3) You say that “We will continue to investigate whether we can provide pedestrian improvements but this process takes some time.”
Only that before saying this you wrote that you already investigated this and quiet clearly expressed the identified possible solutions. Why the need to investigate further then?

4) Immediately after you write:
“To comply with the other policy objectives we must be able to demonstrate that the introduction of signalised pedestrian crossings will not have an adverse impact upon traffic flow through the junction. If we cannot demonstrate this then, it is unlikely that we would be able progress any pedestrian improvements.”
If I take this to the letter I understand that you are saying that unless a pedestrian crossing provides ‘zero’ impact on car flow you wouldn’t place a pedestrian crossing.
Isn’t this always putting cars before pedestrians rather weighting the pros and cons? Obviously a zero impact is impossible to achieve. Was this what you meant?

I look forward to your replies.

Kind Regards

Max Calò


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