About me and this blog

cropThanks for visiting my blog, my name is Max Calò, I was born in Trieste, Italy, in 1969 and now live in the London Borough of Lewisham, South East London with my wife Brenda and my daughter Crystal.

Locally I’m mostly known as the leader of the Save Ladywell Pool campaign, the campaign that at the end not only saved the local swimming pool from the bizzarre plans of the Council but also made a great difference to the way Lewisham Council operates in general, and this thanks to the part we played in bringing forward the big electoral swing of last elections that delivered us the no overall control Council we have today. A much desirable situation in an Executive Mayor system as the one we live in.

Besides politics my greatest passions are popular art (especially comics but also films and illustration), good music and good food. I like to cook and find washing dishes quite relaxing, especially since I have a new kitchen that means that I can look into the garden as I wash.

I will try to interest you in the next local elections as I will be running for a Council’s seat.

You are really welcome to leave a comment, I normally reply quickly, comments are moderated and that means that the first time you leave a comment I must read it before it’s published but once you’re approved then comments are published automatically without the need of my approval. Only offensive comments are deleted, all else falls within freedom of expression.


Edit 9th February 2011:

Unfortunately my bid to be elected at Council was unsuccessful, even more unfortunately we now have again a massive majority of a single party, that coupled to the Executive Mayor system makes it all very top down and lacking balances.

As a s ilver lining, if I would have been elected as a Lib Dem now I would have ended up in the most peculiar situation unable to either oppose or support the administration and I would have probably had to leave the group or become a complete pain to all, so maybe, given the bigger events all around us it was better like this.

Still, life goes on, as this blog does.

4 Responses to “About me and this blog”


    As the spokesperson of the Ladywell Pools campaign I want to bring to your attention the threat to Ladywell Arena. I am a regular user of the Arena and I am trying to set up a group to campaign against the possibile closure of Ladywell Arena in Ladywell Fields for public use from October 2011 when Parkwood Leisure’s contract runs out. The Council is putting it out to tender with little safeguards for use by the general public of the gym and track. I would be grateful for your help as you have the experience of running a successful campaign.

    • Max Says:

      Hi Annette,
      I did read about the tender but I’m still unaware of any detail. I’m surely happy to advice you,l and I just sent you an email so that you can call me directly.


    Do you have any useful banners,placards left over from the Pools Campaign we could re-use as we are trying to create publicity for our campaign next Saturday 12th March when we are meeting outside the Arena at 11am. We would welcome any support.

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