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It’s the day after elections, and despite the fact that my wife and daughter came out as the biggest winners it’s no time to rest. In all frankness I hate elections and I’m glad it’s finished, we can go back to think about real issues.

As I already wrote Lewisham Council is tendering a major contract for the running of most of our leisure centres. I write it here again to avoid it being buried under the electoral posts.

Because this is really important, it’s an opportunity that comes round only every few years, we must set up our local social enterprise to run the centres, just like other boroughs did. Local talents working for the local community and re-investing all receipts in our community assets.

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2 Responses to “Back to issues”

  1. BobFromBrockley Says:

    Congratulations to the wife and daughter for their victory. They went to rather extreme lengths to succeed!

    Max, you would have made a great councillor (and may yet!) and Lewisham would have been the winner if you had won. You put in a great fight, and the Lib Dem campaign in the borough was exemplary. I was really suprised not to see a stronger vote, as the sense on the streets of widespread and growing local Lib Dem support was striking.

    I agree with you that the consolidation of Labour dominance in the borough is unhealthy for the council. Keep up the good work.

  2. Max Says:

    Thanks Bob.

    The vote count is really disappointing when compared to the response on the doorstep, in the last week we really had an incredibly positive response and had identified enough supporters to give us a good result, at the end we received a mighty trashing. Unfortunately the high turnout of votes for general elections and evidently a last minute swing of the undecided for Labour gave this result at local elections.

    Whether I will run again, I don’t know right now, I have conflicting opinions. This time I thought it was worth it because we could have had a new administration that changes the constitution to enhance the role of Councillors to make it worthwhile.
    But with the current situation one has to be very careful about what he wishes, being a Councillor is a very time consuming thing and many of the former opposition Councillors that are now out are seriously looking forward to private time.
    On the other hand Lewisham needs effective opposition, but maybe I’m much better at campaigning for issues than I am at being elected. Let’s see.

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