The wait, the signs

The general election results for Lewisham are in and there are no great surprises there.

Let’s start with some heart-felt congratulations to Heidi Alexander for winning in Lewisham East. Commiserations to our candidate Pete Pattison that did put up a great fight and would have made an excellent MP as well. The residents of Lewisham East were really spoilt for choice between two strong candidates of great quality.

The numbers are of great comfort and a great hope for the Council’s count that will start later today. In Lewisham East the swing was 6.4% from Labour to the Liberal Democrats.

But Lewisham Central is not anymore part of that constituency, we’re now in Lewisham Deptford and our MP is Joan Ruddock, re-elected with a smaller but still sizable majority.

Still, even here in Lewisham Deptford the vote swings 3.6% from Labour to Lib Dems.

Well done to Tam Langley for her sharp campaigning and this result, that given the national squeeze of Lib Dem vote crushed between the Labour and Tories tribes, and given the limited number of target wards within the constituency, is truly remarkable.

In Lewisham East Jim Dowd MP is also re-elected, again with a swing of the vote towards us Lib Dems, here this is 3.1%.

What does this mean for the Council and Mayoral result? That it’ll be very tight.

The count starts later on today and the full results will only be known later on tonight.

Thanks to all those that voted for us and those heroic volunteers that helped us fight this campaign, we truly worked you out, keep your fingers crossed.

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