TfL in partial agreement on Courthill Road

I received further correspondance from TfL about my enquiries asking clarification on their position regarding the Courthill Road Junction.
This latest letter, that I received last week, has some very interesting points indeed, and I’m much delighted to read that they agree with the point I raised about the context of the junction and how a pedestrian traffic light here would only delay traffic to the next junction and traffic light, that in both directions on the Catford to Lewisham route is very near indeed:

You are right, this section of the A21 between Courthill Road and Catford Town Centre is a particularly busy route. However, the impacts of installing a pedestrian crossing at Courthill Road cannot be viewed as simply holding a queue at one location rather than another. We must be sure that any queuing created as a result of this pedestrian crossing does not have significant impacts on other neighbouring junctions, not just on the A21 but also on local borough roads.

So, it seems that the concern here is about Courthill Road and Withburn Road and whether a pedestrian light would make queses there longer than the current situation (note to self, ask to Head of Highways of Lewisham Council what he’s heard about this).

Later on TfL also says that:

As part of our previous investigations we built a model which replicates the operation of Courthill Road junction and nearby Ladywell junction which are both linked operationally. We are now testing the impacts of any changes of the junction to identify whether they are acceptable to both Transport for London and the London Borough of Lewisham.

And that’s encouraging. Read the full letter here.

P.S.: at point 1 the letter mentions an attachment with details of the recorded accidents. The attachment was actually missing, I have asked for those data again, both to TfL as well as to other contacts at City Hall and I’ll post that data here as soon as I receive it.


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2 Responses to “TfL in partial agreement on Courthill Road”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    Well done for keeping up the pressure. I wonder what impacts on other junctions will be more significant that the injuries caused to pedestrians (the list of which they failed to attach), and the daily terror of pedestrians trying to cross this road without a break in the traffic?

  2. Max Says:

    Thanks Jimmy, I do wonder just the same.
    I’d also add the invisible impact on the many people that avoid walking by there altogether just because of that crossing. It’s an unwelcoming place, if spaces for pedestrians were nicer people would walk more, easing on all the other kinds of congestion, whether on buses or cars.

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