Lewisham Labour leader standing against transparency

At last Council meeting held this Monday 1st march Cllr Alan Hall, who is leader of the Labour group at Council, did a serious bit of grand-standing against Liberal Democrat disclosure of Councillor’s expenses.

His high sounding speech explained to all mortals that the £1300 taxi bill of Councillor Sylvia Scott was thoroughly justified by the fact that she is Vice Chair of the Council and as such wears a “Chain of Office” and you wouldn’t want to see someone wearing a Mayoral Chain going up and down buses.

I’m not sure I buy the argument in the first place, Ken Livingston never minded using buses, Boris Johnson cycles, and anyway Councillors receive an allowance that they can spend on cabs if that’s the way they want to travel for duties on those occasions that are not normally covered with extra expenses.

But there is another reason why Councillor Hall grandstanding is completely void of merit, and that’s that we are talking of the 2008/09 expenses, when the Vice Chair of the Council was Cllr Smith (who claimed no expenses at all), not Cllr Scott.


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2 Responses to “Lewisham Labour leader standing against transparency”

  1. Brian Robson Says:

    It seems Councillor Hall is Lewisham’s very own Sir Nicholas Winterton.

  2. Max Says:

    He misunderstood Animal Farm.
    Cllr Alan Hall take notice, Orwell wrote it as a criticism, not as a praise of those that think of themselves as better than the rest of us.

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