Lewisham Central Labour Party Activists lying barefacedly

I was going home earlier today and saw some Labour Party canvassers, just by my doorstep.  and after introducing myself I asked them:

“What’s your line about the war? What do you say when they ask you about the Iraq war?”

“Joan Ruddock voted against!” Was the assertive reply.

“No she didn’t, she abstained” I replied.

“No she was against, we checked!” They said nodding as one.

And so I went home and checked Joan Ruddock’s voting record online, and what do I find? Only confirmation of what I already knew, that the historical fact is that at the crucial vote for or against military action she was…absent!

And so I ran back, and told them, and guess what they said to me?

“Go away!”


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  1. James Jennings Says:

    Maybe they were not alive then Max 🙂

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