This is Nightingale Grove SE13, that besides being the place where in October 1917 a bomb dropped by a German Zeppelin fell killing many, is also the scene of recurrent accidents when the road freezes.

If you look at the picture you’ll notice that the railing on the left is visibly dented, that’s exactly the spot that cars hit when they skid on ice there.
It’s a sharp bend and it’s steep, the perfect condition for an accident, in fact accidents do happen there.
I emailed to the Head of Highways of Lewisham Council asking to lay some grit on that spot when ice occurs again, and I hope they’ll do it.
It’s a surprisingly trafficked back street actually, as it’s on the route to Hither Green Station for all those walking from the Courthill Road area.

I post this today because the forecast say that it may snow and freeze again and so if that happens here are my advices for Nightingale Grove:
– if you walk through it use the path opposite the railway;
– if you drive through it pay special attention;
– if you drive to it, don’t park your car in front of the dent;
– if you work for Lewisham Council and are involved with grit, please spread some there if it freezes.


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