Gym to open on Hither Green Lane

It’s official!

From the Optimal Life Fitness blog:

We’ve moved into 4000sqft of warehouse space in Hither Green, London, which is just 8minutes by train from London Bridge. This means: we have a new office- yes; we have warehouse space so we never run out of our stock of bells- yes; but more importantly we have a facility and space that we can host all of our educational courses out of.

That’s right starting with our EKI on the 30th and 31st of January next year all of our London courses will be run out of the OLF Training Centre. This includes our EKI and Advanced EKI courses, our Performance Boxing, Advanced Performance Boxing courses and Olympic Weightlifting for the Fitness Professional courses, plus we’ll be launching our Straps course early in 2010.

It’s at the Firemaster building, 174-176 Hither Green Lane, in the picture the entrance of Lanier Road.
It’s quite a thought that two months ago we held there our Cinema Day on the last day that space was available. On the Monday I went there to collect the chairs to deliver them back to St Dunstan College (a big thanks to them by the way) and waiting for the van I helped to unload the track of the timber that was used to partition the space for the gym.

It’s a very big space so one can reasonably hope that besides what this gym specializes in, which is boxing and weightlifting courses, there’ll also be regular machines for the keep-fit-enough type of person and that besides the courses they run they’ll open to the general public, I have emailed them about it and will post here when I get a reply. In any case it’s very positive news for Hither Green, we need more people around, more activity, and with that we’ll have more businesses opening and a more vital and safe environment.
By the way, recently Lewisham Council approached the owner to use the space as storage for their historic record that is currently held in another space in Deptford that they will soon have to vacate because of redevelopment. That would not have helped revitalize the area much.


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