Courthill Road Junction campaign

One of the issues that affect many residents of Lewisham Central and users of Ladywell Pool is the devilish pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Courthill Road at the junction with Lewisham High Street. Recently a very serious accident took place there and a woman was run over by a car, she was badly hurt but fortunately survived. Do we have to wait for a fatality before a pedestrial traffic light is provided?

Here’s a video I took a few months ago, it shows how in absence of a traffic light for pedestrians it’s actually near impossible to cross in safety. Cars can come at you from 4 different directions and as it happens most people have only two eyes. I’ve been crossing that road most days for about 11 years and I still don’t know which way to look.

About halfway through the video there is a window of about 20 seconds where it is possible to cross, only that without traffic light one cannot know if it is safe or not and for how long, maybe cars are not coming from some direction not because traffic lights are holding them but because there aren’t cars from there in that moment. With so many possible ways to have incoming traffic it’s very difficult to understand that and it does happen that just as you start crossing someone speeds in front of you, you just cannot know, you can’t see their traffic light.
Then just as the traffic restarts a woman wants to cross, notice how at first she is unsure about when to start crossing, and then after she starts crossing and reaches the middle of the road cars start to move, but again she cannot know if they’re going straight or turning into Courthill Road so she has a moment of hesitation and waits in the middle of the road with cars running near her until she finally finds the moment to cross the second half of the road.
It’s crazy, that’s the normal way to cross Courthill Road.

A few months ago me and Libdem Councillors Chris Maines, Andrew Milton and Dave Edgerton went to City Hall and delivered to Mayor Boris a 600 signatures strong petition asking him to give us the traffic light we need. The petition sheets were handed in by Caroline Pidgeon AM who is the Libdem Chair of the Transport Committee of the GLA.

We were then told by TfL that they were studying possible solutions but since a few months have passed and I haven’t heard anything about it I just sent another email to TfL asking for an update and I’ll post here any reply I receive.
You can do the same by emailing to and in case you have not done so yet you can add your name to our online petition, the more people sign it the bigger the pressure we can put on TfL.


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2 Responses to “Courthill Road Junction campaign”

  1. Maisie Says:

    Max I know you are a Lib Dem but this issue is cross political. Why not chase Len Duvall, who is the Assembly Member or Darren Johnson?
    I work for The Assembly and there are ways to get a response from TfL, especially if you are an AM.
    That junction is lethal and they all need to push harder!

  2. Max Says:

    Hi Maisie, I’m well on the case, it needs sorting and I’m quite happy to involve whoever may help best. Besides the email I sent to TfL yesterday I’ve also been in touch with Caroline Pidgeon today to get some info about this, I know this sounds very Libdem but she’s Chair of Transport committee and is the AM I’ve easier access to (although I’m sure I would get the same prompt reply from Darren Johnson too).
    Also today Cllr Andrew Milton met with a senior officer of TfL and residents about the other problem crossing of the ward, that’s at the other end of the same road on Brownhill Road, so he’ll have questions about Courthill Road directly sent to the same officer too.

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