Catford to be nationalized

Lewisham Council has apologized to the people of Catford for the Plessy Road Retail Island, Eros House and Milford Towers.
“What were we thinking?” said a tearful Town Hall spokesperson.

“We’ll make it all up now, we have a plan”
continued the crazy-eyed spokesperson laughing “we buy Catford Centre and make it beautiful!”

This high rise high density housing high quality development will be presented at a special Council meeting on 16th December.

If you want to know more then consult the Catford Centre Action Plan, for ease of consultation the document has been divided into 8 different parts. As if that wasn’t enough all possible options for development are listed and a reading key to understand which statements are true and which are false is provided separately.
I’m not making this up, here’s an extract from chapter 4.7, they could have just written that they want to increase density and build higher, but everyone can do that, here’s how you write that proper if you work for Lewisham Planning:

4.7.1 Options considered
The following housing options were put
1. Shop-top housing
A. Promote housing above ground floor shops (shop-top housing)
B. Do not promote/permit shop-top housing

2. Density
A. Support taller buildings and more intensive development
B. Maintain current density/housing levels
C. Promote housing as part of the development of opportunity sites
D. Ensure that the redevelopment of existing housing results in the overall provision of the same or more housing on the site

4.7.2 Preferred option
The preferred option is to proceed with additions 1A, 2A, 2C and 2D.


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