Shopping Centre gives more reasons to sign the petition

The Shopping Centre manager replied to my query about the leaflet’s rack (read previous post), here’s the reply in full. The reason he gives for removing the leaflets’ rack is that:

The information point within the shopping centre over time became overwhelmed with information which was not directly connected to the shopping centre. The information point became problematic with numerous issues regarding free newspapers, non-centre literature, bus and rail timetables, theatre leaflets and with members of the public being referred to it by the local library help desk.

As a result of the shopping centre refurbishment, a new information point was built to replace the old version. It was then decided that the information point would be solely  to provide information to our shoppers and shop units.

He also says that following my query the centre’s website has been updated so that mentions to the old rack have now disappeared.

And so here’s my reply:

Dear Mr Redden,

thank you for the reply.

I have to say, I think that the old leaflet rack  was particularly useful to many, you say that the library displays the same material, that’s true, but many people that do not use the library still come to your shopping centre.
May I ask you how many visits a day your centre receives? I’m sure I can find out how many the library has and then we can measure the impact of the removal of the leaflets’ rack.

You say that the people were referred to  the shopping centre by the library, well, that’s good, isn’t it? You surely want more people coming to the shopping centre and any referral surely benefits your trade and that of your tenants.

In your reply you mention “non-centre literature, bus and rail timetables, theatre leaflets” as some of the items you thought were a problem.
I honestly can’t understand what’s the problem with theatre leaflets and bus timetables, those are exactly the kind of information that I referred to as socially useful and that I think you’d well to display.

I have now started an online petition and hopefully if numbers will ask you to change your mind you’d reconsider.

All the best

Max Calò

I think that there’s only one way to conclude this post appropriately:



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