Shopping for Community – with PETITION

When a couple of weeks ago I tried to leave some leaflets for the Hither Green Cinema day at the Riverdale Shopping Centre I realized that the information kiosk had been replaced and the new one didn’t have a display rack for leaflets besides the space provided for the Shopping Centre own leaflets (see photo).
At that point I asked the man at the desk if I could just leave my leaflets there, on the desk surface. This request made him clearly uncomfortable and rather than saying no he directed me to the management office to ask for permission.

The management office is not very conveniently located for the public, especially on cold and drizzly days like that one, it’s outside the shopping centre, next door to the toilets, and you can only speak to the management through an entryphone.
Anyway, someone eventually answered and through the entryphone I asked this person if I could leave my leaflets and briefly explained what were they about.
The answer that I received was that I couldn’t because if they let me leave my leaflets then they would have to also allow “all and sundry”.
Let me now quote from the Shopping Centre’s own website at the page entitled “community”:

Lewisham Shopping Centre is located at the heart of Lewisham and seeks to plays its part in supporting local charities and initiatives. We seek to assist by offering:

• Display space in the Central Square to promote your organisation or cause…

I now wrote to the management, pointing at this contradiction between their alleged commitment to support the local community and their decision to replace the kiosk with a new one that doesn’t have space for leaflets other than the Shopping Centre’s own literature and asking for the display space to be reinstated.

It is a fact that for many the shopping centre is also a social space, and an important one, many pensioners and youths spend a lot of time there, but also other segments of population visit it regularly.
That display of community notices was an effective mean of communicating across the community, especially for those that don’t have internet access and the management’s decision to remove it flies in the face of their alleged commitment to support community initiatives. Let’s hope that now they will think again.


A bit of good old community pressure may help them focus minds, so please add your name to the petition.


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