On Springbank Road


I didn’t clear all that by myself, I only arrived after lunch actually, I wish I could have got there earlier but children’s meals are sacred, and I was the one doing the cooking. Anyway, for the hour or so I was there I had a brilliant time playing with proper gardening tools and picking up the strangest litter.

A great thanks to everyone involved with organizing it at HGCA, especially Johanna that took the lead, everyone at Enviroworks Lewisham and of course Network Rail for trusting we wouldn’t have chopped a major main by mistake.

The job there is not finished, it will proceed in stages, next time flowerbeds will be placed where it’s been cleared this time and at the same time the clearing will proceed further down the embankement, and we already have an appointment, it’s for Saturday 21st November.


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  1. Clare Says:

    Looks great, so much better than before. Well done everyone!

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