Spectacular success for Hither Green cinema day


Great thanks to all those who yesterday came to the Hither Green cinema day.
For those that weren’t there here’s a run down of what happened:

– 250 people paid to be there providing living demonstration that the area needs cultural activity;
– in the morning the two drama workshops for children were great, lots of happy faces and possibly a follow up as a regular drama club for children may start to take place in the neighbourhood (contact here if interested);
– people from all walks of life collaborated in a spontaneous and harmonious way to make the event happen. Each according to their abilities, some could run a bar, some others could design leaflets, some others could make spreadsheets, some other again could drive a van, all equally necessary. We showed to 250 people that things can happen and we got many of them to join us to make it bigger and better the next time round;
– three great films were enjoyed on a big screen, one with live piano accompaniment from a truly great pianist;
– we had a busy foyer with a well provided bar and an exhibition about the history of the area. There people got to know each other (including guest of honour Sally Cooper, daughter of Gladys Cooper, the greatest star Hither Green ever conceived);
– at the final count we broke even which was not something we could take for granted since the operation involved considerable set up costs.

Yesterday the newly formed Hither Green Community Hall and Arts Society started its activity with a resounding success, may it continue like this.


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9 Responses to “Spectacular success for Hither Green cinema day”

  1. Polly Says:

    SO glad it was a success – I’ve been in bed with flu since Friday so I couldn’t come šŸ˜¦ – gutted.

  2. Max Says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear, well, all the more reason to do it again. Get well soon.

  3. Sue Says:

    Glad it went well!

  4. Max Says:

    Hi Sue, it was a fantastic day, every optimistic’s dream. And very cool too!

  5. Clare Griffiths Says:

    Fantastic! Sorry I couldn’t be there, this time!

  6. Max Says:

    There surely will be more occasions.I want to start working on more events immediately.

  7. Deptford Dame Says:

    Well done. Keep us informed on future events, I’ll try and get along to one!

  8. Jackson Says:

    I went to this and was bowled over. The silent movie with piano accompaniment was fantastically atmospheric. People chatted to each other, and Hither Green felt like a community again. I’ll definitely be going to more of these. Well done guys. Keep up the good work. Jackson

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    […] the entrance of Lanier Road. It’s quite a thought that two months ago we held there our Cinema Day on the last day that space was available. On the Monday I went there to collect the chairs to […]

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