Help us to deliver…

…lots of leaflets!

Yes, because to win an election one must also deliver an awful lot of leaflets, that’s an unadorned truth of local politics and reason of this appeal directed at everyone who thinks that Lewisham Council needs a change. Yes, you too.

Don’t leave it to someone else. The Labour Party receives fat checks from the Unions. The Conservatives have Lord Ashcroft of Tax Heaven that is busy giving large sums to every Conservative candidate in the land.
Why is it that British politics is dominated by these two parties that people keep on going back to as masochists asking for another whipping? It’s because of the money!

In the next few months they’ll bombard voters with billboard posters and mountains of glossy full colours publications that we Libdems cannot afford, and sadly all that propaganda does make a difference at the ballots.
We Libdems have only legs and good will to deliver our leaflets ourselves.

Do you think that Lewisham Council needs a change?
Then get in touch to help us to get elected.

The Libdems are the largest opposition group at Lewisham Council, there are 17 Libdem Councillors and 26 Labour Councillors. It’s winnable, we can break the spell in Lewisham.
But we need all the help we can get.
Help us to deliver… a better Council.

A couple of hours every once in a while until May is all that’s needed to make this change happen.



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