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Bus non stop

August 6, 2008

Last night as I approached the swimming pool, the familiar figure of Councillor Andrew Milton caught my attention.

But he wasn’t there to swim, he was testing the bus stop, checking whether bus drivers were picking up people from the bus stops following a diversion of traffic on Hither Green Lane that forces 181 and 225 buses down Lewisham High Street. Bus drivers were instructed to use all existing bus stops along their route but Milton had already received reports of them ignoring the stops in numbers.

A 225 approached, Andrew Milton raised an arm to stop him only to achieve the opposite effect, the bus seemed to move even closer to the middle of the road. Then finally a 181 bus stopped to let some passengers off, I checked my watch, 9:17 pm. Andrew Milton stood by the door just by the driver’s seat, making gestures, pleading to be allowed in, the driver kept his gaze on the road ahead, he didn’t open the door, he didn’t even acknowledged the would be passenger. He just drove off leaving Andrew Milton in the fine drizzle he was standing in.

At that point I had to rush in to catch the last slot of lane swimming and as I swam my mind kept on wondering if Andrew Milton was still there of if he had finally managed to catch a bus.