Primary Health Crust

I just called my local surgery to book an appointment, predictably they can’t see me today but what does get on my nerves is that they won’t take an appointment for tomorrow either.
I was told that I can book an appointment for next week but if I want it sooner than that then I’ll have to call on the day at 8:00 am and if you have already been subjected to this particular kind of torture you know that by 8:15 all appointments have been booked. This is when the redial button comes into its own, saying that the telephone was busy won’t get you anywhere.
The fiddling with numbers goes on. Statistically they will have dealt with a large number of requests within the day, I just hope that the Chair of Primary Care Trust doesn’t get a bonus for this.


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  1. Bob Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. My surgery (on Loampit Vale) has the same policy and it drives me insane. New Labour’s Thatcherite target culture…

  2. Max Says:

    It’s insane that PCT devised such a perfect way of making people aware of the questionable nature of its statistics.

  3. Sue Luxton Says:

    It is indeed infuriating – Hilly Fields Medical Practice is the same!

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  5. Clare Griffiths Says:

    They do it to meet the govt target of x% of patients seen within 2 days of phoning up. The govt is too stupid to realise that GPs are intelligent people and well capable of finding a way to meet the target with the least amount of effort.

    Our surgery is the same. You usually can get an appointment once you get through, but it can take 15 minutes or more to do so and you have no idea when the appointment will be so you can’t plan. They have a small number of pre-bookable appointments that can be booked up to two weeks in advance, but they go very quickly.

  6. ross Says:

    if you can put up with giving the tories ammo for political sniping you may want to register your experience here

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