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Playground investment submission

June 19, 2008

Earlier today I submitted the proposal for the Lewisham Park Stage and now it will have to go to panel for a decision on its merits. The deadline for submissions is tomorrow noon.

I don’t know when the decision will be taken actually, hopefully it won’t take long and hopefully it would be positive.

Should it be turned down it could anyway be pursued through the Local Assembly.
As said before, for this idea to become operative one needs a community association to build up a program of events. The next step is therefore that of booking a venue for a public meeting and to deliver leaflets around the area to invite people wiling to help to come along and start the group.

Here’s my submission in full:

Dear Chris Bull,

following your appeal for ideas on how to invest on playgrounds I am now writing you to propose the Lewisham Park playground as one site that could be improved through investment in an original idea that I was already thinking about when I saw your appeal. I was thinking to propose it at the next Local Assembly for Lewisham Central to be held next month but as your initiative fits so perfectly I am now bringing it to you first.

My idea involves linking the playground area to the adjacent depression in the ground surrounded by tall trees and that already looks to me like a natural theatre and only needs a stage to be one.

This would involve building a stage to host fun cultural activities for children and teenagers to involve them into the performing arts through workshops associated with a program of performances to be held on that stage during the good season. The vicinity to the playground area would work perfectly as a “lure” to children that normally would not be involved in the arts, as your appeal says, those that are hard to reach.

The playground is used by a mix of children from all sorts of backgrounds, and this is true ethnically as well as socio- economically, positive activities that keeps relationships between kids of diverse backgrounds from the playground into their adolescent years would have a definite positive effect on social cohesion and performing arts workshops held by performing artists would also provide aspirational models for many children that need such models in their life. Lewisham Central suffers form high levels of social deprivation and this little park is very close to some large estates where a lot of children that need such activities live.

The idea would also involve creating a community group to manage the stage and put together a program of activities. I am personally well positioned to start such a group as I am well known in the neighbourhood for other community initiatives I have been actively involved with in the recent past.

I attach two photos and a google map screenshot of the site for the stage in order to clarify visually what I’m talking about and I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best

So, that was the proposal, there are apparently still funds available from last year’s Lewisham Central locality funds for the purpose of “set up new residents and community groups” and that could well fund the booking of a meeting room and a round of leaflets to invite people to come along.
Anybody willing to help please say so and let’s do it.

Also, please email in support of this initiative.