Council must take the blame and somebody must go!

Just a few thoughts about the Legionella bacteria at the pool.

First of all, let’s keep fingers crossed that nobody gets affected by Legionnaire, I know a battallion of pensioners using the pool and I want them to keep well.

Second thought, since the bacteria was there it’s only a matter of luck if nobody have contracted the disease. But the responsibility remains, the Council have put people’s lives at risk through neglect.

I don’t think that it’s over the top to ask Cllr Chris Best to resign from her position as Cabinet Member for Community. This may sound hard on her but it’s the place that she occupies in the administration that has the responsibility for the upkeep of Leisure Centres as well as the formulation and implementation of adequate policies reguarding Health and Safety in public places.

I have received scores of complaints about the state of the changing rooms for years, I still keep on receiving them, there are people that still email me with their complaints, here’s the last one that I received a few weeks ago:

Sent: 13 April 2008 19:38:09

ladywell baths are dirty and in need to of a clean . It is a disgrace the this service has been neglected to the extent that is appears to be a health hazard .

Complaints like these have also been received by the Council and the contractors for years, this is no news, this is what people have been saying for years, and what has the Council done? Nothing.

I can even remember the Mayor axing the repair and maintenance budget for the pool one year, and with gusto!

Now, I here said that Cllr Best should go, but of course in an Executive Mayor system as in Lewisham there’s only one person that carries responsibilities, it’s the Mayor. But he never takes a blame, doesn’t he? I don’t want to waste my time asking him to go, he won’t, that’s why I’m saying that it’s the Cabinet Member for Community that has to go, it’s the only way that this administration can pursue to show us that they understand the gravity of their neglectful conduct.


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  2. rp Says:

    I think you’re right Max, absolutely. It’s a concrete example of a failing and flailing Council. But you can be rest assured they’ll arrogantly swat aside any criticism with a bit of shallow spin-doctoring, something along the lines of “we told you so but we’re going to build you a nice new pool you ungrateful rate-payer”

    all the best Max

  3. Max Says:

    I’m looking forward to them trying to spin this one, today’s news made it a million times worse.

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