No Council Found

I’ve just been browsing Lewisham Council’s website to discover when exactly is the next Full Council meeting taking place, a browse the calendar brought no joy, I tried the “browse by committee” option and the result I got for the Council option is…

“no results found”!!!

Add to it that looking at the Calendar one gathers that yesterday’s Mayor and Cabinet meeting was cancelled and it really starts looking like “a regime run by officers” (words of a Labour Councillor, not mine).


7 Responses to “No Council Found”

  1. Kate Says:

    Thats quite funny i was searching to find out who my housing officer was and it didnt have any matches for housing officer

  2. Max Says:

    There’s no housing either I think, it’s all part of “customer service” now.

  3. Andrew Brown Says:

    Not as good a story, but I found the dates without any problems.

  4. Max Says:

    I did find it in there too, but hey, the story comes always first. And like you, I already knew what to look for.
    The real story is the useless search engine of the Council’s website. I always use google advanced search and narrow search into the domain.

  5. Rob Yeldham Says:

    The Council is aware there is a problem with this part of the web site and we are working to resolve it when resources allow.

  6. Max Says:

    Thanks Rob, there’ll be the day when everything works perfectly, until then we can only do our best. Cheers.

  7. A Says:

    M&C was indeed cancelled this week. Council is next Wed 7.30pm.

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