The elected few

What better day to bump into James than on his first day as Member of the London Assembly, a Tory in a Tory administration of London, he was still on a cloud trying to grasp the full extent of what his election entails when I met him yesterday at Marks and Spencers here in Lewisham.

I feel I don’t have anything to add to the comments on this last local elections, the blames, the fortunes or misfortunes of one or the other party, everybody seem to be saying the same thing and they all seem to be pretty spot on but one thing that I’m truly happy that this election brought us is the election of James Cleverly as member of the London Assembly. Having known him for a while I know what a nice guy he is and how seriously he takes politics. The fact that I am not a Tory will tell you how truly heartfelt this congratulation is meant to sound.

Electoral success has been elusive to him until now, but what better way to break the tradition than to get on one of those real jobs that politics offers, helping the new Mayor of London to decide how to work for the good of London. Good on you James.

Also congratulations to our other local boy on the assembly, Darren Johnson has been re-elected as one of two Green Party members, he’ll make sure that the Tory slogans on blue being a new green stands to some scrutiny and if you know Darren you know how much a master of the art of politics he is, he might be in opposition but he surely knows how to put up a fight from there.

There’ll be Johnson vs. Johnson soon at the Town Hall and that will be serious fun.


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