Guerilla Gardening

The other day, as I was walking through the Dressington Avenue side of Ladywell Fields, I saw an old gentleman sawing branches off an oak. As I went closer I noticed that the branches that he was sawing off had all been damaged by the bites of some of those Pitbulls that are often seen being encouraged to jump and chew up by their not-too-clever dog-owners.

Two things that I didn’t know are that trees get infected through the wounds that they receive from the bites and that dogs get infected through splinters in their gums and that’s why there are those rubber balls for dogs to chew (he also had a dog).

So, when the old man became tired of sawing I volunteered to help in, I was then passed the cross saw and had my first sweet taste of guerilla gardening.


3 Responses to “Guerilla Gardening”

  1. Sue Luxton Says:

    Interesting – whose tree was it – ie was it in the park or in someone’s garden and who was doing the sawing – Glendales/Green Gym volunteer/a random member of the public?

  2. Max Says:

    The tree was in the park, public land indeed, not far from the river, between the end of Malyons Road and the Rugby Field.
    The guerrillero was just a member of the public, a splendid old chap, quite ancient really, walking stick, dog and a foldable cross-saw in his pocket.

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