Thanks to Cllr Andrew Milton I was a guest at Lewisham Council’s AGM on Wednesday and proud I stand to be a friend of his because I think that he was the only humble opposition Councillor that the Mayor mentioned during his speech. As it was probably meant to be a rebuke then it was an acknowledgment of his effective role in opposition.

In the past I twice had the honor of a mention during the Mayor speech at AGM. Not that my name was pronounced, only strongly alluded to. This year I materialized.

Leaving the Council chamber for the refreshments I found myself heading straight into Mayor Sir Bullock himself, me and him, the first two people to reach the buffet table and nobody else in the room apart from the waiters, a potentially very awkward situation but somehow we managed, I grabbed a glass of white, he opted for a beer, we started to exchange a few words, cordially enough I think. As we chatted, the room started to fill up, so off we went, we both had a lot of people to talk to and personally I had quite a ball.

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  1. Kate Says:

    I bet you did have a ball…would have liked to be a fly on the wall 😉
    I was at the town hall last month and we were evacuated … was mr bullock and he was standing not far from me ..i just didnt have the nerve to go and talk to him…plus he was surrounded by loads of people.

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  3. Max Says:

    Hi Kate, it was the first time ever of me and SB “alone together” and we rose to the challenge. But every fly on the walls there would have been well amused.

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