Safe Lewisham

Last night, as I arrived at the Royal Albert in New Cross for the Lewisham bloggers drinks and I searched my pockets for my bunch of keys to lock my bike, all I found was some spare change.

I didn’t really want to pedal back, get my keys and back to the pub again, so I decided to brave the reputation of the area and just left the bike there, leaning on the rail, pretending to be locked as one would expect any bike to be, and joined in with the rest of the social Lewisham bloggers inside the pub. There I borrowed a mobile from Rob, called home and told my wife that I had forgot the keys and that therefore I will have to ring the bell and promised I would not stay out too long.

Keeping an eye on the bike through the window didn’t impair my enjoyment, had a great night with people that by definition have something to say and shortly before midnight made my way home. With my bike, that was still there.

As I arrived home I saw my keys hanging from the keyhole and as I soon discovered, whilst I was away and my wife and daughter were sleeping upstairs no eagle-eyed opportunistic criminal had spotted the hanging keys and helped himself with the content of my fridge (that included a full Guinea Fowl).

I guess that this doesn’t count much as a statistic but yesterday I left my keys hanging from the door, went to a pub in New Cross Road, left my bike unlocked outside and nothing terrible happened.


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  1. Clare Griffiths Says:

    Oops! I’ve done that before when I lived in Lee. The pizza delivery guy pointed it out to us once, but the second time they were left dangling from the door all night. I’ve also left the car unlocked on the drive with my handbag in it containing the house keys and found it safe and sound next morning!

    Glad nothing untoward happened. Good to see you at the meet


  2. Max Says:

    Makes you hope, doesn’t it? Good to see you too.

  3. Knit Nurse Says:

    My car was unlocked outside my flat in Deptford for about two weeks, didn’t even find a drunk asleep in it! I attribute that more to the state of the car than the lack of criminal intent. My favourite story was dropping my cash card in Deptford market one Saturday morning. By the time I rang up to report it missing, no more than half an hour later, someone had already rung to report finding it!

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  5. James Says:

    I’m considering buying a new flat in Lewisham right near the DLR (the new Barratt Homes Renaissance development). I’ve lived in North London (N7) for the past two years and don’t know anything about Lewisham! It seems from these posts that it’s relatively safe, but I’ve also heard that it’s quite dangerous. What do you think? Also, what is there to do in the area? What is the living like in Lewisham?

    • Max Says:

      Hi James,

      Lewisham is actually quite safe for London standards, and I lived here for 11 years now so I think that mine is a qualified opinion.
      The specific development you want to buy into is smack in front of the Station, which is very busy, so what you’d experience living there wouldn’t be the same than for me in a quiet residential street.
      As for what to do, well, that development will host a brand new leisure centre, so easy to keep fit, and the station can get you anywhere quickly, Greenwich Centre is 5 minutes down the road and there are quite a lot things happening in the various centres around Lewisham (Brockley, Blackheath, Catford, Forest Hill, Deptford) rather than Lewisham Centre itself, that in all honesty is not much to behold, but has a nice market and a handy little shopping centre.

      • Max Says:

        I forgot, we’re actually well endowed of green spaces, if parks are a consideration then we’re doing very well.

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