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Food glorious food…

August 15, 2007

It’s a while that I’m tempted to post some recipe but for a number of reasons never did, as Andrew Brown today started a new blog completely dedicated to cookery I asked him if I could post a couple of recipes there. As he’s a kind man he offered to co-author the blog and I accepted the offer. That’ll teach him.

I love cooking, I started as a child and until quite recently I used to be completely obsessive about it, I used to regularly make my own pasta, bread, vegetable stock… In the recent years I overcame my obsession but still maintain a very high threshold for what I consider edible.

My cooking roots are in Italy but I consider traditional recipies only a starting point, orthodoxy in the kitchen is a boring weakness, still, I’ll post my take on a few traditional dishes of the Italian staple as I think they should be cooked.

When I was a child I became fascinated with the intro chapters of a series of cookery books of my mother. Every book was on a different kind of food: meats, fish, soups… I wan’t interested in the individual recipes, I liked the descriptions of the methods, how to seal the meat or marinade the fish, the general principles of cooking, that was what interested me, now I’m very good at improvising, an empty fridge can always give me something to cook a meal with. Not all of them are worth writing about but some will make it onto that blog.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn I’ll be visiting Billingsgate Market, the only place around here where you can buy some mid-size uncleaned cuttle-fish, that’ll give me something for my first post for that blog.

PS: I haven’t blogged recently because I’m learning 3d modeling and I had to put in the hours and when I’m done with that I normally don’t want to stare at the screen further. Blogging on general matters will soon resume on this blog.