Vicar 1 – Government 0

Rev David Garlick, Vicar of the local St Mary’s Church scored a massive point against the over-regulation that the most disfunctional elements of the British Government just can’t stop imposing on us all.

In a stunt performance of dizzy height the Vicar led the congregation and blessed the no-smoking sign that sticks as an eyesore on the door of the 18th century’s church, next to the medieval tower. Well done!!

This is not the first time that I see local Vicars displaying excellent judgement. I will never forget when a couple of years ago at an electoral husting another local Vicar, that of St Swithun, interrupted the speech of one of the candidates at the uttering of the word “citizens”. The Vicar quickly corrected it with “subjects” reminding all present that in our democracy some have more rights than others.


Update: I just bumped into the Vicar queuing at the supermarket. BBC Radio London contacted him to interview him on Monday morning.


4 Responses to “Vicar 1 – Government 0”

  1. andrewkbrown Says:


    Well I’m not sure the second vicar isn’t quite right afterall people take citizenship tests, and have citizenship classes in school don’t they? So which rights do others have that I don’t?

  2. andrewkbrown Says:

    Oh and surely it’s one all with the first vicar, after all the stickers are there aren’t they?

  3. Max Says:

    Well, about the second Vicar and his possible republican feelings, this is an ereditary monarchy so there is an important right that only members of the Roayal family have, that of becoming monarchs and although it deprives only one person at a time of the chance of being head of state it dramatically changes the political dynamics by limiting the range of influence of the elected representatives.

    You’re quite right on the Vicar of St Mary, it would have been better “Vicar gets even!”.

  4. andrewkbrown Says:

    Okay, right to be head of state, not one that I suspect would make a newly written constitution but…

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