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Last night I designed this new widget inspired by the Olympic logo for London 2012, it serves the purpose to keep the attention high on the fabulous spiralling budget that is coming out of our pockets, all the more true if you live in London with the Olympic Council Tax increase.

But it’s not just taxpayers footing the bill. There’s thousands of grassroots organisations keeping up arts and sport for the various communities across the country and much of their public funding comes from the lottery fund. The lottery fund has already been raided to cover the first big holes in the Olympic budget and we can surely expect more of the same.

Personally I think that in principle the Olympic games are not a bad thing but as all other things that become politically and economically interesting it is all run by the usual bunch of passengers of the gravy train and it is much more a big opportunity to make money go around (them) rather than being about sport.

Only that those money are our money. Britain has become almost a tax heaven for those that have plenty and look at the coincidence, the Minister promoting the Olympic games in London was Tessa Jowell MP, whose husband is a lawyer specialised in tax avoidance that counts among his clients that wonderful example of modern capitalism Silvio Berlusconi.

There’s an online petition asking for the lottery fund not to be raided to fund the gravy for the Olympic, click on the widget to be directed to the page. If you want to do even better, copy the widget and place it on your blog.


6 Responses to “Olympic petition and widget”

  1. Big Chip Dale Says:

    A very nice variation on the theme.

  2. Max Says:

    It’s remarkable how scatology works ever so well.

  3. Wulf Says:

    I think you have nailed the spirit of the thing. I was among those disappointed when London won the “honour” of hosting the event and spiralling costs and the unveiling of the official logo have only served to confirm me in my opinion.

    Why couldn’t they have stuck with the logo they used for the “Back the Bid” campaign? I didn’t support it but thought it had a lot more elegance. It would have been a little harder to subvert in the way you have done but surely that wasn’t the committee’s driving motivation…?

    Anyway, nice work on your remix of the design.

  4. Max Says:

    Thanks Wulf,

    you were not the only one to be skeptical about the bid, as I said, I wasn’t convinced not because I’m against sporting competitions but because of the awful bandwagon of interests that this time has reached extraordinary proportions. But try to speak against it, you’ll be battered to death by ghastly rethoric. They’ll tell you that you hate children!

    This time there’s not even the pretense that it’s about sport, in effect sport has become a side issue for the main business that is the “regeneration” of the east-end. And the way the regeneration is being brought forward has some aspects that are alarming. The forced urbanisation of the marshes looks like brutality over the land.
    This is a top down plan of sovietic nature. All calls for a development sympathetic with existing assets and environments are silenced with the ghastly rethoric about the Olympics.
    We can only hope that as urban planning goes they have thought that through properly or we’ll have spent a fortune to end up with a disjointed artificial urban landscape like all the other olympic villages around the world.

    But to pinch money from the lottery fund damaging grassroots sports altogether is just sick.
    The logo is really appropriate. It only needed that arm action to show what it is about.

  5. Richard proctor Says:

    Hi Max
    this is completely the wrong place to say this, but can you draw “nick of brockley’s” attention to our website?

    he seems woefully ingorant of whats going on in lewisham that is *truly* important, and I can’t be bothered to subscribe or whatever I have to do on his blog, to leave a comment

    Also to draw your attention to the fact that the Groups official objection to the Gateway scheme is going in to the planning office tomorrow and hopefully a pdf will be available on our website from tomorrow afternoon – the whole document is 40+ pages long and I’m sure you and many others will be interested to read it.

  6. Max Says:

    I’m sure that Nick is aware of it, just hope he reads it!

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