The wrong post office

“The packet is opened here, you should stick a piece of tape” said the young woman behind the post office counter.
“Yes please, can you stick a bit of tape there?” I replied.
“You’ll have to buy it if you want to do that.”

She insisted that she didn’t have any tape to use but that rolls were on sale, she added that even if she needed a piece of tape she would have had to buy one roll.
And so I had to give in and buy a roll of tape despite needing only about two inches of it.
At first she came with a gigantic roll for £1.49, I asked if she didn’t have anything less, at that point she told me that yes, there were also smaller rolls, but that they were not adequate for the job. I insisted to see a small roll. She came back with a perfectly adequate roll for sale at 69p.
After my dealings at the counter I asked to see the manager.
I told him that all through my life I had been able to have pieces of tape applied to letters and packets without having to buy rolls.
“This is not a government office, this is a private business” he said shaking his head.
“It is a matter of courtesy to have some tape at hand to help clients” I said.
“It’s a private business” he repeated.

This happened to me today at the post office in Catford but it could have been anywhere. The world is full of mean people but this won’t stop me from trying to be nice.
Still, I won’t be going back there in a hurry.


4 Responses to “The wrong post office”

  1. Richard proctor Says:

    The man in the Post Office in Ladywell put some tape on the back of a stickyless envelope for me a week or two ago – without any question!

  2. Max Says:

    I couldn’t believe what these people were saying. And with a straight face!!!

  3. Richard proctor Says:

    It’s quite a good game isn’t it?

    I had an incident in marks and spencer when they refused to sell me some vegetables because they’d been ‘wrongly put on the shelf’ ie, they were ‘two for one’ and hadn’t got close enough to their sell-by date for them to be sold.
    I was dumbstruck when I was told on the till that I couldn’t buy them, green beans I think they were, so much so that as the queue formed behind me I felt like an irritable old man making a scene (well, I was, but thats not the point). They said if I came back the next day I could buy them . . .

  4. Max Says:

    And did you go back the next day? There’s people keeping an eye on items about to hit the sell-by-date and going in shops at midnight to get exactly those offers.
    I know a guy that does that.

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