Freedom of Information in action




Question asked by: Mr M Calò


The Consultation on Loampit Vale collected 28 online responses to the questionnaire that were not included in the report to the Mayor.
Had those answers been included then the outcome of the consultation would have changed substantially.

This malpractice did not came to light because of this administration’s watch on the works of Lewisham Council and its hired consultants, but because I asked for a copy of the consultation questionnaires under the Freedom of Information Act discovered that the content differed from what was reported to the Mayor and the public.

Is the Mayor disturbed by all this?


The proper use of the Freedom of Information Act by members of the public assists the running of the Local Authority. It is regrettable that all the responses to the consultation were not included in the original report. I am grateful that this oversight has come to light and I am now informed that when the 28 responses referred to above are included the results of the consultation are 50% in favour, 47% against with 3% unanswered as compared with the earlier report showing 53% in favour, 43% against and 4% unanswered. Am I disturbed by the proper use of the Freedom of Information Act – no.

I could have used my right for a supplementary question to point out that quite a number of those that answered yes contradicted themselves in the comment box so those answer should be considered invalid, instead I thanked him for acknowledging my positive contribution and encouraged him to take on board my other well-meaning advises.

He seemed to have understood what I said in spite of the fact that the microphone from the public gallery sounds like this.


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