There is Joan!

A couple of months ago I was wondering why that old campaigner of Joan Ruddock MP, representing Lewisham Deptford at Westminster wasn’t among the signatories of the Early Day Motion in defense of the Freedom of Information Act.

I emailed her to urge her to join but as I am not technically in her constituency (the border is just down the road, my MP is Bridget Prentice and she can’t sign because she’s in government and anyway she would never dare stepping out of line, she knows what’s good for her) the only answer I got was the following message from her secretary:

” Thank you for your email. Unfortunately there is strict Parliamentary protocol which states that MPs can only deal with enquiries from their own constituents.

I am sorry we cannot be of more help.”

But I have instead just discovered that Joan Ruddock MP did take an interest in the FoIA, in fact she actively urged Labour MPs to vote for a shameful bill exempting themselves from the effect of the FoIA.

Here’s from the email to the Labour group at Parliament urging them to show support for this disgraceful piece of legislation (click here for the full email):

If you support the principle of keeping MP’s casework confidential it would be extremely helpful if you could let us know your availability on the 18th May, ideally from 9.30 – 14.30, but certainly from 10.30-14.00. We need at least 100 MPs from all parties to be present in the event of a closure motion.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Tony Lloyd, Angela Eagle, Kevan Jones, Ann Cryer, Joan Ruddock, Martin Salter and Don Touhig.

Today this shameful bill passed through parliament and reached the House of Lords.

It is important to remember that there is already in place a data protection Act to protect the privacy of constituents dealing with their MPs.

Well done Joan for putting yourself above mortals.


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