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I spoke again at Mayor and Cabinet yesterday. This time I had five full minutes available but used only about one minute and I think it was a good idea. I take Barry Quirk’s nodding in apparent agreement as an indication that I was making sense.

Mayor Bullock rejected my request and that’s another strong indication that I was making sense.

I think that I start to master this skill of speaking at Mayor and Cabinet. This time, strong of the experience of the last time I spoke there I didn’t give them any rope to get back at me, I also kept my argument confined to one point, avoided expanding it to water it down or offer multiple choices so that the main point can be ignored by picking on the periphery. Result? They ignored it all.

To counter my request the Mayor was offered by an officer a very nice string of factual inaccuracies that he kindly accepted without the slightest blink.

It then came the time of the round of opinion from the distinguished members of the Cabinet.
As I was listening to them I was thinking that if I had had the courage to put up such arguments as theirs I would have been eaten up alive, but there you go, that’s the privilege of being a member of the Bullock cabinet. They all avoided speaking of the subject matter but kept rigorously by the shallow end of the talk about pools.
“I spoke with three women at the pool and they were all excited about having a new gym” said one of them.

Can you imagine if I had said to the Mayor “I spoke with three chaps in the changing rooms and they all told me that they’d rather have this one refurbished if all you’re prepared to build is that blot”?

What I did say instead was that as he was committing to spend £20k on a consultation to ask people if they wanted the pool at Ladywell or Loampit Vale it would be opportune to have a study to determine the pros and cons of the possible choices to allow the public to make an informed decision.

That was rejected, he instead agreed with officers to commit to one of the options from now despite consulting with the public on the options.

He also rejected all of the points submitted by the Area Forum but one. On the last one he said that he needs more time to think. Take your time, don’t get a headache Steve.


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  2. Richard proctor Says:

    Hi Max

    These people are fools and they are determined to use their foolish wisdom to put into place foolish developments that will have little or no benefit to anyone except propping up their own foolish decisions.

    For instance, the roundabout was probably initiated by people who thought they were doing the best for Lewisham but it was developed by fools and now there is no one to take the can for the foolish decisions – so reinforcing the thought that ‘whatever we do is doesn’t ulitimately matter because we won’t be here to sort it out when it all goes wrong’.

    Can you really believe that any of the councillors who will be involved in the Gateway (and Loampit) projects will be around to take the can in 2010? (Or if they are will they admit it?)

    On another subject – did you know that the Thurston Road development has gone to a further planning application because B&Q have backed out of wanting to do anything there?

    Regards max

  3. Max Says:

    Hi Richard,

    there’s a lot of elements that deviate from the rationale and sometimes they have to be accepted (for example if there’s only funding for doing one thing instead of another that would be better) but what gets at me is when the reason is just that they go out of their way to cover up their incompetent and unlawful ways. I’m not letting this one go. I’ve got a thing coming for them.

    Planning applications for the various parts can come and go, but the core of the matter is that the UDP wants it all high density residential and eventually it will come. I suppose that B&Q relies on customers driving there and having abundant parking space, so it wouldn’t be a good place for them there.

  4. Richard proctor Says:

    The ‘official’ gateway objection is nearing completion – it’s up to 32 pages of A4 at the moment (although I take little credit for it, several members of our group have worked above and beyond the call of duty in the interest of Lewisham)

    And if B&Q can see the obvious handicap of opening a retail in Lewisham what will that mean for the other ‘consumer’ aspects of the Gateway (which will include the swimming pool in whatever form it takes)

  5. Max Says:

    There’s not much parking included for the pool, something less than Ladywell. Its main aspect as transport goes is that it’s near the transport hub. Now, they have decided that this is one of the good things about the location but haven’t factored in any additional use deriving from that. That’s one problem, the other is that there will be thousands of new residents living extremely close to it, about a thousand people living actually above it and again no allowance for this.
    It’s a scandal.
    Bunch of arrogant incompetents. Bullock first!

  6. Richard proctor Says:

    It is a scandal Max, and it’s being pushed onto Lewisham because someone thinks the residents don’t care and will be a push over.

  7. kate Says:

    Unfortunately many residents dont seen to care. Its a sad state we are in.

  8. Max Says:

    It’s true that many don’t follow or are not interested in what happens at Town Hall and sometimes I wish I was too, I would maybe be happier. I’m nevertheless convinced that if one manages to get the message across the community you can make a difference. Those that are not much interested are also those less inclined to vote. It isn’t easy but it can be done.

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