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More on the Quirk Review

May 16, 2007

I have now read the Quirk Review and I have to admit that yesterday I was a bit unjust, it is an interesting read and unlike what newspapers had said it doesn’t recommend to sell libraries and swimming pools for £1.

It gives a good review of the possible options and doesn’t ask for new legislation to be introduced. It recommends to build a database of information that may come useful to whoever wants to try to go down that road, it also recommends that the government makes an effort to encourage local authorities and community groups to consider all options regarding publicly owned assets, so, good luck to it.

It’s then entirely up to individual local authorities to make good or bad use of the options available, some will find good uses to empty properties, some other will try to shift responsibilities away from them together with the assets (case study 5 in the paper) but I suspect that those already know all the tricks in the book.