Visiting fellow

Searching the net on the keyword Lewisham I found this very funny page of Lewisham College’s website from December last year, Boris Johnson MP visits Lewisham College wearing his shadow minister for education hat, flirts with a 19 yo student and the school’s website writes all about it! Unless I read wrong.

What’s New: Lewisham College: Beauty tips for Boris: ”

Boris asked Deborah Frost, a 19 year old Beauty Therapy student, whether she was using cucumber in her facial treatments. After explaining that she does use cucumber essence in the mixture, Deborah burst out laughing when Boris suggested that it looked more like taramosalata or Shipman’s fish paste! Deborah said “I would love to give Mr Johnson a facial treatment and manicure next time he comes to the College. He seemed really impressed by our salon and professional uniforms and I promise I won’t use any fish products when treating him!”

Same event from Boris’ own website. Much more serious take, no mention of flirting with students there.


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