Yesterday I’ve been down to my local for the second Lewisham bloggers’ meetup.

I think that I counted 12 bloggers, in no particular order there were Andrew (who organised, well done), Andrew, Bob, Tom Richard, Robert, Michael, Kate (with husband James), Adam, James, Wulf and me.

Nobody took a laptop out of the bag but a few were taking photos, here’s Robert’s series.

All lovely people and a lot of interesting conversations on all sorts of things. This was a (slightly) less political meeting than the first one (at least at my end of the table). As the pints rolled in I praised the architectural baldness of Milford Towers, heard that if you join second life you also get a virtual job there (no thanks), made some considerations on the institutionalization of local politicians, divulged confidential information and shamelessly tried to promote the toilet widget (Kate‘s got one now).

Oh, we also spoke of blogging of course. Here’s my nomination for the most powerful use of the net today, it’s this week’s post by Beppe Grillo on his speech at the shareholders’ meeting of Telecom Italia. Watch it.

Cheers to all those that came down to the Jolly Farmers, I look forward to the next one.

Update: I have been told that there were 14 bloggers at the pub and not 12 as I previously erroneously estimated. David and Katy, aka Publicansdecoy and Obsessive Katy were also present at the symposium.


3 Responses to “Publogging”

  1. andrewkbrown Says:

    Glad you had a good time Max.

    There were a couple of very nice livejournalers – publicansdecoy and Katy hiding at the back that you must have missed.

  2. Met Up (2) « Someday I Will Treat You Good Says:

    […] Max tries to count. […]

  3. Robert Says:

    I wasn’t at the last one, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of (party) political discussions. Of course there were the few local issues raised, but none of the indoctrination stuff I really can’t be bothered with.

    Nice to meet you and great to see your sites, although I still need to work out the toilet stuff. I’ve just seen your photo on the front page of The Mercury so I shall make sure I read up!

    A presto!

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