Feel good factor

toilet page thumbThe campaign to assert the constitutional prerogative of the Area Forum to place items on the Executive Agenda of the London Borough of Lewisham has made it into the press.

On Wednesday the local newspaper the Mercury published on page 6 a perfectly worded summary of the issue accompanied by a large photo of me peeping out of our campaigning toilet seat together with fellow campaigners Mary and Ben.

But to give me even more joy the newspaper placed a teaser on the front page right under the title. And what a front page it is, the jolliest for years. Normally the headline would be about a terrible tragedy. This time it’s about a chap that did not get hurt at all in what could have been a terrible accident. Next there’s a report on a fancy dress competition for dogs. Above, my face is coming out of a toilet seat.

The people of Lewisham this week is a smiling lot. The fair weather of these days surely plays a decisive part in the good mood, but a jolly front page delivered to each household maybe does help. And I’m on it. And proud of it.


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