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Switch off

April 1, 2007

A few weeks ago the scart plugs on the back of my Widescreen Panasonic stopped working, first one, a couple of weeks later the other one gave up too. And this means no DVD but especially no Digital TV.

Since then it’s been paradise.
I have a lot more time available and my daughter is becoming seriously clever playing with those cubes with letters, numbers and pictures.

Analog TV with its 5 channels is all we need to get by really. You read the programs and that takes only 5 minutes because there’s only 5 channels and not 500, then you discover that there’s something good for an hour in the evening and that’s when you switch the telly on and then you switch off. Perfect.

Apart for those few programs that I watch on purpose I sometimes watch telly when I wash dishes, and for that purpose I watch the very old small Ferguson that’s in the kitchen that despite falling on the floor from high a number of times, just keeps on working perfectly.
There I can watch all the most awful stuff. Last week I watched the Apprentice, I often watch Relocation, Relocation and if I have a lot of dishes to wash I can even watch Relocation, Relocation followed by Escape to the Country.

Soon this self-harming pleasure will be taken away from me, you and everybody else with a small, old Ferguson in the kitchen.
It is called switchover, but for all those trusty old sets it will really be their last switch off.

This is in effect the greatest fly-tipping ever. Millions of useless TV sets dumped in millions of British kitchens.


We’re far too clever

April 1, 2007

Official: BBC is too upmarket | UK News | The Observer: “The BBC director-general, Mark Thompson, has ordered a far-reaching review called Household Value, which will identify who uses the BBC’s services most often. Although in its early stages, it has already discovered that lower-income families are less well served than their wealthier counterparts. ‘There is a feeling we may be serving the professional classes well, but not reaching the C2s and D1s,’ said one BBC insider.”

D1s? Dumb ones maybe?

Any Radio 4 listener should be very worried.
Mark Thompson wants to dumb down the BBC because the distasteful side of the BBC production makes more money than its quality counterpart.

Still, we can draw some consolation by yet another evidence that Huxley was right.