What’s cat food made of?

catfoodWell, according to the label of this can of cheap stuff rats may have something to do with it and judging by my cats response, it could be made of rats gone bad since they would happily put their teeth in a recently deceased one but would not go near this stuff.

I have to admit that I bought this can of cat food because it’s cheap. But I am not being mean with my cats, it’s that the price of catfood has been soaring together with housing, gold and any other precious thing under the sun.

Am I the only one that thinks that there is a cartel at work to squeeze every last penny from the pockets of us feline lovers?

Two days ago I decided to give it a go at cooking my own catfood but only Bighead has shown appreciation. But Bighead is a bit wild and his diet probably includes the odd rodent with some frequency.

I tried to keep it on a budget, I used one packet of Tesco Value minced pork (1 Kg, £1) , one packet of lamb liver (1/2 Kg, £1), carrots (Tesco Value again, about 30 p for a bag that you need a wheelbarrel to carry around) and a pack of Tesco Value long grain rice ( 34 p).

I had to try it, I feed a colony of five cats that live in my back-garden (three of them are also lodgers) and on the long run that’s an expensive business. I tell myself that I have to keep them lean to bring out the best of them. A month ago one of them brought a small agonizing rodent on my doorstep, she dropped it there and looked up at me with eyes full of pride (good girl, pat pat).

That’s a positive effect of not overfeeding your cats but unfortunately a month before that it was a beautiful bird and I remember last summer when one morning I woke up and found that my garden was covered in pidgeon’s feathers. I could not find the corpse, a few days later the smell led me to the right place. But I love cats, they bring a lot of joy, I always had them around and I place them very near the top of the evolutionary scale but this doesn’t mean that I will give into the blackmail of the catfood industry, I didn’t have much luck with my first attempt but I will improve my recipe and be free.

I’ve since read a bit around the net and there’s some yummy recipes around and I learnt that I should cut on the rice and add some supplements. Will I be able to save some money also? For now I have a freezer full of packets of this stuff that I’ve cooked and that’s probably better for dogs than cats but Bighead will have to go through it anyway. I am also left with five cans of Tesco Rat Value that again only Bighead eats. Four out of five of my cats are becoming very lean and tomorrow I could find another corpse on my doorstep.


3 Responses to “What’s cat food made of?”

  1. kate Says:

    Hi Max have you tried buying frozen minced meat from the local pet shops? Or even tripe. You can choose either to just defrost it or you can cook it. I find cats love it and it is very economical and probably better for your cat than just tinned food.

  2. Max Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I don’t know about the local pet shop really, I’ve been buyng a lot of dry cat-food from there but I find it very expensive, I find that as dry food goes the Go-Cat that I buy from Tesco is much cheaper than what they sell there and cats like it just the same.
    Have you seen the size of the breakfast family-pack of the butcher in Catford?

  3. kate Says:

    I havent but am now intrgued so may look tomorrow.

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