Target audience

“Excuse me Sir, do you often smoke and drink?” said the emaciated young man in the brown suit jumping in front of me after he had just recited the same line to another passerby that like anybody else had duly ignored him. I raised my eyes and looked at him. Before I could say a word or shake my head he smiled broadly and quickly added “No need to worry though!”

This is the current chat up line of young Axa insurance agents trying to sign out policies from their kiosk at Catford mall these days. And you don’t need to worry, he’s not trying to stop you harming yourself, he only wants some of your money, by direct debit.

I wonder if in other places around London Axa agents have different lines to pick on the most common risks run by people there.

In Heathrow “do you often fly?”, in Harley Street “do you often have botox?”, in Bermondsey “have you got into fights recently?”, in Soho “do you practice unprotected sex with strangers?”, in Whitehall “do you often lie to the public?”. Whatever that is you don’t need to worry, they’re not trying to stop you.


2 Responses to “Target audience”

  1. Vince Musacchia Says:

    Where did this occur, Max?

  2. Max Says:

    Hi Vince, that’s Catford Town Centre, very near to where I live. The Catford Mall is a place to be seen, a Noah’s Ark for human types and there’s people hanging around that look like some demon got a hold on them. Not a surprise since it is surrounded by pubs (some very good) on every side.

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