Where’s Joan?

Two weeks ago I emailed Joan Ruddock MP urging her to sign this Early Day Motion (also here) in defense of the Freedom of Information Act and I am truly surprised by the fact that she hasn’t done so yet.

I imagined that a seasoned campaigner like her would be alarmed by this wicked piece of legislation and you’d find her up in arms against the forces of reaction at work in the palaces of power. I hope that it is just a case of this matter escaping her attention.

I have to say that Joan Ruddock isn’t technically my MP as I live in Bridget Prentice’s constituency but I wrote to her for two reasons:

– the boundary of her constituency is just the end of the road from where I live (the boundary is also due to move to include where I live by the next elections);

– my MP cannot sign the Early Day Motion because she is a minister in the department that proposes this legislation.

Speaking of my personal experience, me and my associates of the Save Ladywell Pool campaign have been using the FoIA extensively and to great benefit to the public interest. With this law we could have been denied access to important documents that should have been accessible to the public in the first place but are instead kept conveniently filed in some obscure corner.

If you are a constituent of Joan Ruddock (Lewisham Deptford), please email her ( hoyleel@parliament.uk ) and ask her to add her name to this EDM and support Freedom of Information.

Wherever you live, please check if your MP has signed this EDM and in case he/she hasn’t done so yet then please urge him/her to do so.


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  1. andrewkbrown Says:

    Joan’s website is pretty clear about how she deals with people who aren’t (yet) her constituents:

    If you are not my constituent you should contact your own local MP. Their details can be found be following the link below and entering your postcode. If I receive correspondence from someone who is not my constituent, I will send it on to their local MP.

  2. Max Says:

    I know, I was trying the political asylum card.

  3. There is Joan! « . Says:

    […] is Joan! A couple of months ago I was wondering why that old campaigner of Joan Ruddock MP, representing Lewisham Deptford at […]

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