I found this massive rabbit in may hat

And as you’d do whenever you find a massive rabbit in your hat…I pulled it.

It’s funny how sometimes we store information somewhere, we forget all about it and then they pop out just at the right moment. That’s what happened to me yesterday as I was working, overtired from baby-care and a little light-bulb flashed over my head.

It was a straight chain of thoughts and it said to me “remember that tonight there’s the Area Forum and remember that the Constitution of the London Borough of Lewisham says that Area Forums can place items in the Agenda of the Mayor and Cabinet and there’s some stuff that could be well placed there”.

Yes, I knew that already because I had read the Constitution (not all, just bits) and because Lone Ranger had also once commented on some local blog considering how nobody ever took the opportunity.

So I sat on the computer and typed:

The Mayor is asked to agree that:

– the consultation on the Loampit Vale development carried out in October 2006 was inadequate and a new consultation should be undertaken;

– the Leisure Needs Assessment that underpinned the project for the new Leisure Centre has serious shortcomings and does not provide an adequate platform for the planning of the leisure facilities in the Borough;

– a new leisure needs assessment should be commissioned and that such assessment should consider a realistic forecast of increase in population, including the new developments at the Town Centre that are forecast by the change of UDP. It should also include those parts of the neighbouring London Borough of Greenwich falling into the catchment area as well as paying attention to the impact of the transport interchange;

– any detailed project for the new leisure centre be based on this new leisure needs assessment;

– a study of the impact of the re-location of the Leisure Centre from Ladywell to Loampit Vale should be carried out;

– a survey to assess the structural condition of the Ladywell Leisure Centre be conducted by an expert surveyor;

– the refurbishment of Ladywell Pool be costed and put to consultation as an option;

– the new leisure centre should not lose facilities compared to Ladywell Leisure Centre including a pool tank of equivalent or greater size than at Ladywell and the provision of an adequate deep end of the pool for the maintenance of scuba-diving training and the eventual re-introduction of competitive diving in the Borough;

I printed 60 copies and off with my bike just in time to speak with the Chair of the meeting and the officers about this initiative.

That was granted and the rest is history. Because I think that I made a bit of history yesterday. Oh yes, this is clearly a first. Sweet.

You can read some more here.


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