Speaking at Mayor and Cabinet

I just received this email from Lewisham Council:

Dear Mr Calò

I have spoken to the Mayor regarding your request and I am pleased to say he has agreed to allocate you 5 minutes to speak on the Loampit Vale item.


Wow! Thanks Steve.

This email refers to this Mayor and Cabinet meeting that will take place tomorrow Wednesday 14th March at 6 pm at Catford Town Hall.
I now have to make sure that in those 5 minutes I manage to explain clearly enough what’s wrong with all this.


2 Responses to “Speaking at Mayor and Cabinet”

  1. andrewkbrown Says:

    Brevity isn’t one of your stronger suits is it Max. 😉

    Given that people who are objecting to/supporting planning applications don’t get any more time than that to make their case I don’t think 5 minutes is unreasonable.

  2. Max Says:

    I am currently undergoing a cerebral tempest. I hope that at the end of the storm there’ll be a perfectly ordered series of thoughs that fit in 4 minutes, including breathing.

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