Edit and resubmit yourself if you want to!

The Government rejected my petition and told me to edit and resubmit!

On 23rd February I submitted this petition to the E-petition site of the Govenment:

‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce legislation restricting access to PFI contracts for the outsourcing of services statutorily or traditionally delivered by the public sector to not for profit organisations only.’

As additional information to fit within the allowed 1000 characters I wrote:

The public sector is by nature a not for profit organization and when outsourcing parts of its activity it should do so using other not for profit organizations.

Many public facilities and services are now outsourced to companies whose core interest and expertise is profit – not provision of public services.

The reason for involving the private sector in public provision is that the private sector is more dynamic and provides better expertise in the different fields of services.

With this proposal this character of the private sector would be enhanced as, free from the need to tighten up the belt to produce profits, the management of not for profit companies can work for better purposes than the interest of the shareholders and a market where management expertise and innovation in the fields of the services that are the subject of these contracts could finally emerge.

It has now been rejected!

The motivation?

Being identical to another already existing petition.

According to the No 10 Team my petition is identical to this one:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Stop any more PFI program, and work to cancel all current PFI program.

That provide as additional information:

The goverment should stop creating any more PFI program, and stop lining the pockets of private companies from the public purse.

Are these two identical?

I’ll write some more about the subject matter of my petition during the next few days.

For now I only wanted to report on this disappointing experience. I now need to concentrate on other things and that include working, baby-care and preparing for tomorrow Mayor and Cabinet meeting so I don’t have the time to write an essay on it but will do before long.

I just say that although the Government very kindly suggests me to edit and resubmit I think that I’ll decline and do it myself without letting them telling me what I am allowed to say and what I am not allowed to. Thank you very much.


5 Responses to “Edit and resubmit yourself if you want to!”

  1. kate Says:

    Hi Max, the first petition i tried was no good and i was told i had time to change it and re submit which i have done but i havent heard if this one has been successfull. which im not sure is good or bad they might acyualy be taking it alittle more seriosly now. i think the key is persistance these people can be petty over silly little words.

  2. Max Says:

    I’m not changing this one. It is so obviously not like the other that it makes me think that the whole initiative is something of a farce really.
    If I have the stamina I’ll bring it forward independently, like you would have done before the Government decided to “facilitate”.
    Starting a petition is only the start, where it is hosted doesn’t make any difference, you have to promote it, make it newsworthy.
    It could actually even be an advantage, a badge of honour: “rejected by No 10”. Sounds good.

  3. Bob Says:

    The other one is certainly not very well written – and yours certainly is!

  4. Max Says:

    Thanks Bob. I also think that there are a few important substantial differences.

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    […] you have been a reader of this blog for a while you may remember my not-for-profit pfi petition. Well that’s pretty much the point. I don’t know why when 2 years ago Lewisham Council […]

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