These are a few of my favorite things #1

CrumbWith this post I’m definitely starting to take full advantage of having a general purpose blog.

This is the first of these are a few of my favorite things posts where I promote beauty according to me. Here’s a piece of advice for you in case you need a little book to keep on your coffee table to show off your high-brow taste with your guests.

R. Crumb’s heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country contains the full series of 112 trading cards that Crumb illustrated in the 80’s. The illustrations were done from photos and depict some of the best known names of American popular music like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington as well as some of the less known like Peg Leg Howell or Ernest Stoneman and the Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers.

The book comes together with a wonderful cd sporting 21 titles recorded between 1927 and 1931 and selected by Crumb himself that besides being a great artist is also a banjo player and the proud owner of a collection of 5000 78’s.

This book and disc combo is a fantastic trip into early popular american music. Get it and leave it on your coffee table now before you have to invent some implausible excuse to explain your guests why you haven’t got your own copy yet.


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